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Corrugated Roofing Sheets Delivered To You

Hornsey Steels Ltd have over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing Corrugated roofing sheets, and just one of styles is corrugated roofing sheets (sometimes known as sinusoidal, corrugated iron or wriggly tin), in a variety of colours.

Corrugated roofing sheets are a staple offering, and deservedly so. The corrugation, on what would be a flat sheet gives the sheet rigidity along its length, stopping the roof from sagging and giving it additional strength so it really does last. Essentially, corrugated roofing sheets are those “wavy” shaped roofs that you see everywhere made out of aluminium or other metals (PVC also available), and are equally suitable for commercial or domestic settings. Think of it like the shape of a ridge cut crisp, but as a roof, allowing water or other debris to flow through the ridges and off the roof itself.

Here at Hornsey Steels we can offer our longest serving product in a wide variety of colours and styles, to cover almost any situation, for anyone’s budget. The corrugated effect is usually produced in metal such as aluminium or steel, but depending on the scenario, PVC is also a possibility. They can be cut to size and customised to your location with relative ease, and if cared after, should protect your space for many a year yet. Their distinctive shape allows corrugated roofing sheets to flow water straight off their back and into the gutter, through the corrugated strips. The material with which they are manufactured ensures that they are long lasting, durable and don’t get bent out of shape.

With corrugated roofing sheets, you’re getting a unique design manufactured out of a truly durable material. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular with homeowners and employers alike. The roofing sheet design is yet another distinctive feature. Due to the uniqueness of the corrugated material, the sheets truly can fit anywhere and cover every aspect of your roof.

You are able to cut the sheets down to size, and take advantage of the corrugated nature of the material, so to cover as much as you can with as little material, and therefore cost, as possible. Corrugated roofing sheets are the perfect match between durable materials and innovative design, combining together to produce a product that is both long lasting yet efficient in its function.

Corrugated roofing sheets have been around for many years, and are still popular today. They give a traditional look and feel, yet a modern protection from the elements. It is for this reason why corrugated steel roofing is the only cladding permitted in conservation areas.

However, regardless of whether you consider your space to be a conservation area or not, corrugated roofing sheets are at least something worth considering. If you would like some more information on our services or products we offer, whether it be for our corrugated option or anything else, we would love to hear from you.