Tile Effect Roofing Sheets include all of the advantages that steel roofing sheets provide whilst offering a traditional, attractive tiled appearance that you would achieve with individual tiling. These roofing sheets have gained popularity with those looking to retain the existing look of a property with a material that is easier to maintain.

Tile effect roofing sheets are highly flexible and can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from small domestic buildings such as garages and outhouses, to large commercial scenarios like buildings that hold livestock. Tile effect roofing sheets bring numerous advantages that are impossible to ignore, to find out more about the product and our range, read further. However, if you have made your mind up already, click here.

Reliable Traditional Appearance

Tile effect roofing sheets provide the appearance of your typical tiled roof, integrating a design into one steel sheet rather than individual pieces. On any building, these sheets look great and effectively mimic traditional tiling. However, rather than having to maintain many tiles, tile effect roofing sheets can be easily cleaned and maintained without much time consumption. The single sheet design allows quick and effective work to be carried out. As well as this, the sturdy design of a steel sheet with a weather resistant finish can last much longer than a tile installation and requires far less regular maintenance.

Cost Effective

Tile effect roofing sheets further inherit the advantages of steel roofing sheets, including their cost effectiveness. A sheet design cuts on installation costs as it takes a significantly shorter amount of time to fit roofing sheets in comparison with tiles. Further reducing installation costs, the sheets can be applied as cladding for an existing roof solution, helping to protect the existing roof and provides an attractive appearance. The lightweight nature of these panels results in a straightforward installation process that requires minimal equipment and effort, allowing for a simple DIY solution. Having a visually appealing roofing installation shouldn’t have to break the bank, therefore tile effect roofing sheets are perfect for keeping costs down whilst keeping looks up high.

Fast Installation

Due to the lightweight nature of the sheets, installation is quick and efficient. We employ a team of highly experienced employees that will be able to fit your roofing sheets in a short amount of time to minimise disruption. Details regarding the fitting of sheeting can be found here. However, the same cannot be said for traditional tile installations which can take days to complete.

Sizing Options

As with our box profile roofing sheets, we make tile effect roofing sheets from galvanised steel at our very own manufacturing premises. The sheets are available in a gauge of 0.5mm, pressed into six 32mm profiles and fix 130mm channels for the water run. Our tile effect roofing sheets have five tiles per row, and each ‘tile’ is 300mm long and 200mm wide. As we manufacture the sheets ourselves, we have the ability to cater to any construction project’s needs, regardless of job size.

Colours and Finishes

Our tile effect roofing sheets are available in various colours and four finishes. The most basic finish we provide is galvanised steel which has a lifespan of 20 years in ordinary environments, however it is prone to watermarks and dulling over time – this option is not available in a colour finish. The Grey Alkyd (Non-Prime) is a very popular finish due to being excellent value for money whilst providing a coating. The coating grade is low compared to the polyester and plastisol finishes but still has an equal lifespan of the galvanised finish.

For more durability, polyester painted panels are a viable upgrade. They were first created to meet the demands of the agricultural sector whilst being cheaper than plastisol, offering improved durability and a typical lifespan of 25 years in regular conditions. Plastisol panels are the most durable finish available with our tile effect roofing sheets, as they are highly resistant to scratching and have an expected lifespan of 30 years in normal conditions. Obviously these finishes will not last as long in more intensive conditions such as near salt water; however the panels will still have a superior lifespan compared to tiling.

Our polyester and plastisol finished sheets are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your building. Whatever your requirements may be, there will be a tile effect roofing sheet that will be perfect for your needs.

In conclusion, our tile effect roofing sheet range is an excellent alternative to individual tiling, providing superior durability and cost savings whilst providing a similar appearance. Our range is bound to have something to suit your needs, therefore if you wish to browse our products, click here.

To discuss your roofing sheet requirements, contact our sales team on 01547 530419, or email info@hornseysteels.co.uk. We offer delivery straight to your door, throughout the UK.