Steel roofing sheets have become well known for their versatility, establishing a reputation of robustness and cost effectiveness. As a result, they have become a highly popular choice for a variety of roofing projects. We specialise in providing high quality roofing sheets, available for delivery throughout the UK.

Advantages of Steel Roofing Sheets

Lower costs are one explanation for its popularity as a roofing material, with steel roofing sheets being much cheaper compared to traditional tiling – tile effect designs can effectively mimic tiling whilst being significantly more cost effective. The savings simply aren’t made on the material costs alone, the ease of installation leaves you with reduced labour costs and offers an approachable DIY solution. The advantages don’t end there; following a steel roofing sheet installation the maintenance is minimal for many years – the same cannot be said for tiling solutions.


The treatment processes we offer with our steel roofing sheets provide varying lifespans, dependent on your needs. The simplest would be a plain galvanised steel finish, which typically has a life expectancy of 20 years in ordinary environments however it is prone to showing watermarks and dulling over time. Taking a step further with the polyester finish, the lifespan is extended to 25 years in regular environments. The most durable treatment finish is our steel roofing sheets that have been coated with plastic vinyl. This can resist heavy scratching and will last for 30 years in ordinary working environments – the PVC has a lightly textured surface. Each finish should expect a reduced lifespan of 5 years when installed near salty or more extreme environments, furthermore Polyester and PVC finishes can be ordered in a variety of colours.

Polyester coated roofing sheets are available with the following colours: white, grey alkyd, slate grey, dark brown and juniper green. The PVC sheets have a wider range of colours including terracotta, black, anthracite grey and poppy red as well as those mentioned previously. This means that your installation can match your existing colour scheme and truly differ from other projects. If you are undecided on a colour, we can provide you with samples of each colour and can provide more unique colours upon request such as cornflower blue. To see the full colour chart, click here.

Types of Steel Roofing Sheets

Box Profile Roofing Sheets – Modern alternative to corrugated sheeting. Available in two different gauges providing a lightweight cost effective solution.

Corrugated Roofing Sheets – traditional solution, available in steel, aluminium or PVC, cut to size and suitable for most needs.

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets – Great alternative to traditional roof tiling. Low maintenance and easy to install compared to tiles.

Quality Roofing Sheets from Hornsey Steels Ltd

We can provide you with a roofing solution that’s perfect for your installation. We offer the finishes mentioned including colour choices for polyester and PVC, our 25 years of experience in steel roofing sheets and nationwide delivery guarantee that we are a reliable choice for your project.

We offer our range of roofing sheets in two different gauges, either 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm respectively. Our expertise in roofing sheet installations will help you decide which is best for your application, leaving you with a result you will be pleased with.

In conclusion, steel roofing sheets are so flexible in nature that they are perfect for most structures, including outhouses and barns. With a variety of finishes and styles at your disposal, there will be a design that suits your requirements. Box profile, corrugated and tile effect roofing sheets are on offer at Hornsey Steels Ltd, each providing their own advantages. Consider opting for the modern alternative for a roofing solution from us and leave the days of extensive maintenance in the past.

To discuss your roofing sheet requirements, contact our sales team on 01547 530419, or email We offer delivery straight to your door, throughout the UK.