Our business uses British steel in many forms, to guarantee an amazing quality in all of the products that we offer, one of which being our Steel Roofing Sheets. These roofing sheets are made of the highest quality British Steel, to ensure that they will be sustainable so you wont feel as if your money has been wasted. The steel roofing sheets can be tailored to suit the building and our team of fully qualified and experienced employees will make sure that the correct form has been chosen which will satisfy both your needs, and our professional opinion. Our company’s roofing sheets are made to the highest of qualities, by using our modern machines to ensure that your roofing sheets are accurate, and well made.

Our steel roofing sheets can be made with multiple different finishes, they can be made in all different shapes and sizes to fit any room, no matter how large or small it may be. As well has receiving the highest quality roofing sheets for your home, you will also receive a professional, yet friendly service, as our business likes to make sure that our customers receive the best all round service.

We offer a range of different types of steel roofing sheets, some of our most effective being: Tile Effect, to give your home a modern look without the vast price; Corrugated, a popular choice for a vast range of buildings; Box Profile, this particular roof sheet style doesn’t have need for insulation, which is ideal for any home, and Galvanised Steel, also a widely popular choice as it is highly sustainable.

The range of steel roofing sheets that we offer are suited to almost any building, from substantially sized buildings used for cultivated work, to smaller refined buildings such as garden sheds, summer houses and garages. Whatever size or shape your building may be, you can rest assure that our business will find the ideal roofing sheets for you, whilst keeping within your set budget. You can choose both the design, the finish, the colour and the depth of your roofing sheets, however our team will also give their professional opinion so your roofing will not only look appealing, but it will also protect the building. The roofing sheet finishes that we offer are as follows: Plain Galvanised, Alkyd, Polyester and Plastisol, or if none of these finishes appeal to you, we offer a range of colours for both Polyester and Plastisol, these are as follows: Polyester: juniper green, slate blue, goosewing grey, jet black, pure white, van dyke brown and poppy red. Plastisol: juniper green, moorland green, olive green, slate blue, sargasso blue, slate grey, merlin grey, anthracite grey, goosewing grey, terracotta red, van dyke brown, jet black, poppy red and pure white.

To partner with our roofing sheets, we have the necessary accessories to give your roof the best quality finish. These products include foam fillers, this is a hard wearing foam product that will seal the spaces between your ridges and eaves, this is helpful as it prevents water, birds and insects and dust from congregating inside your roofing sheets, which will damage them. Another popular accessory used along side roofing sheets is Flashing, this is the material used between one roofing sheet and another to prevent any water from residing there and damaging your roof. Another product that we partner with our roofing sheets is Ventilation Louvres, these are shutters that are used to let in air and light, but keep out sunlight and any rain fall that may occur. Once your order has been placed, our team of professional employees will work with you to agree on a time suitable for us to deliver your products, we do this so that you don’t have to disturb your daily life routine or cancel any plans.

To discuss your roofing sheet requirements, contact our sales team on 01547 530419, or email info@hornseysteels.co.uk. We offer delivery straight to your door, throughout the UK.