Box profile roofing sheets inherit all the positive aspects of steel roofing sheets, whilst developing upon the original formula by adding a modern twist. Box profile sheets offer a modern alternative to traditional corrugated sheeting and other roofing materials. A box profile design has the same benefits of any steel roofing sheets, being lightweight, easy to install and cost effective – they are perfect for industrial and agricultural structures.

Cost Effective

Box profile roofing sheets are well known for their cost effectiveness as a roofing solution, being substantially cheaper to install in comparison to traditional tiling. They can be fitted as an original roof or can be added to an existing roof as cladding. Cladding a roof can protect the structure as well as changing its appearance drastically without breaking the bank – cladding is a significantly cheaper alternative to re-roofing. The lightweight nature of these panels results in a straightforward installation process that requires minimal equipment and effort, allowing for a simple DIY solution.


Box profile roofing sheets are mainly used for warehouses, garages, workshops and agricultural buildings, due to its sturdy nature. If you have an outdoor structure that needs a quality roofing solution or an existing roof that is in need of cladding to create a unique look, box profile roofing sheets have proven to have been highly useful for this purpose.

Quick Installation

Due to the lightweight nature of the sheets, installation is quick and efficient. We employ a team of highly experienced employees that will be able to fit your roofing sheets in a short amount of time to minimise disruption. Fitting details can be found here. However, the same cannot be said for tile installations which can take days to complete.

Colours and Finishes

Box profile roofing sheets can be treated with three types of coating, depending on whatever your requirements may be. The simplest finish is galvanised steel that has a lifespan of 20 years in standard environments, but it is prone to watermarks and dulling over time. Polyester painted panels were offered to meet the demands of the agricultural sector whilst being cheaper than plastisol, offering improved durability, providing an expected lifespan of 25 years in regular conditions. Plastisol panels are the toughest roofing sheets available, being highly resistant to scratching whilst offering a life expectancy of 30 years in normal conditions. Understandably, these finishes may have a reduced lifespan if operating in harsh conditions, for example, near salt water. Both the polyester and plastisol panels are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to find a roofing solution that suits your colour scheme. Whatever your requirements may be, there is bound to be a box profile roofing sheet to meet them.


We are proud to offer box profile roofing sheets that are available with all of these options, providing a superior product due to our 25 years of experience when creating roofing sheets. Therefore, you can count on our team to guarantee a quality experience for your project. Our box profile roofing sheets come in two different gauges, 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm for extra strength. They consist of six 32 mm deep profiles alongside five 130 mm channels for the water run, the sheet has a 1-metre cover width with sufficient overlap overall. Furthermore, our in house manufacturing process allows for complete control over what the end result will be, meaning that the product can be designed to meet customer specifications.

To conclude, box profile roofing sheets are an excellent modern option for a roofing solution or cladding. We offer panels in a variety of finishes and colours that are definitely going to enhance your structure, resulting in a solution that is cost effective and durable.

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