Roof Lights

Our roof lights are of the same high quality that the rest of our roofing sheets are, and allows natural light to enter the room. This can provide you with daylight, yet will keep you protected from the elements. Roof lights tend to be favoured in areas where installing electricity is not always practical; such as agricultural buildings and high ceiling workplace buildings. You can still have the building in light, while being protected from the elements with our roof lights provide an effective alternative.

These sheets can also provide you with savings on your bills because with the ability to have natural light flooding the buildings there is no need for electric lights to be on constantly. We supply our roof lights in a variety of different sizes and styles to coincide with the other roof panels that you have already fitted. With us manufacturing our own roofing sheets it's possible for us to provide solutions for any custom project you may be working on, no matter the size. Give us a call today on 01547 530419 and one of our knowledgeable team will gladly answer any queries you may have about our roof lights.

BOX PROFILE: 3 Metre Or 4 Metre