Hornsey Steels Ltd Installation & Safety Guide

All our products are designed with an easy fit purpose, but ideally all installation should be undertaken by professional or fully trained operatives. As a manufacturing company only, we cannot supply or advise on any external organisation or company to undertake the labour regarding fitment.

Fitment Guidelines:

  • Hornsey Steels Ltd will provide all the necessary fitment fixings, please ensure both the fixing screws and stitching screws are used appropriately. Fixing screws are to be used along the side of the sheet that's fastening to the purlin or structure, this is then overlapped with the next sheet and fastened down with the Stitching screw creating a seal preventing air and water leakage.
  • Each sheet should be applied one at a time, in a left to right format. The roofing sheets are designed to have sufficient overlap throughout the structure. The sheets are supplied in a stock width so the overlap amount may differ with each structure or dimensioned roof.
  • Installation of all self-tapping fixings and stitching screws should be guided with only a small punch marking once lined up regarding the overlap and structural frame. The fixings are all self-tapping so a pre-drilled hole is not required.
  • Take care when fastening the fixings as over tightening can distort or even crack (Example: Roof light applied) the sheet. Any over tightening can result in air leakage and reduced overlap, additionally the colour coated cap will not fit correctly creating a clear indication.
  • Specialists Magnetic Socket should only be used for fitment of the fixings which is provided by Hornsey Steels Ltd.
  • When applying the Ridge Capping and Barge Boards Only the Stitching Screw should be used to ensure a seal is created between the two surfaces.
  • The Flashings are all supplied at a stock length of 3 metres, Hornsey Steels Ltd will supply a sufficient amount of flashings to complete the design but this may include varied overlap when applying to the sheets and structure.

Please keep in mind all descriptions stated above are purely guidelines, they are not fitting instructions.

Hornsey Steels Ltd will not take any responsibility if products are damaged or lost once they have been successfully delivered or collected. If any products have been incorrectly ordered Hornsey Steels Ltd reserves the rights to decline a return of those items.

Corrugated Roofing Installation

The fixing screw position can vary between top and bottom of the corrugation depending on the frame and the space availability. If the sheets are being applied to a wood structure, it is recommended that the fixing screw is fastened at the top of the corrugation peak.

Box Profile and Tile Effect Installation

The Box and Tile Effect Profiles should consist of the fixing screw being applied only within the 130mm channel of the sheet and the stitching screw should penetrate both sheets on the 32mm castles.