Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets provide a stress free and an easier alternative to tiled roofing. This option of roofing sheet is a brilliant choice specifically for any agricultural, stables, barns, sheds and garages etc. Our corrugated sheets are available in a large variety of colours and materials, so that they fit in with your original building or structure. Our corrugated profile is available in two gauges; 0.5mm thickness and 0.7mm thickness. The profile consists of 13 corrugations with a 3" peak to peak dimension. With our ability to manufacture our sheets to order you can be sure to get the perfect coverage and perfect finish to your roofing project no matter the size or style of your build.

We have managed to obtain a great customer base and have succeeded in the roofing industry for many years, meaning we can ensure we only provide the best product and corrugated fit resulting in a lasting product.


Hornsey Steels Ltd have always produced the best possible profiling and measurement ensuring our customers have an easy to fit and all weather resistant roof. The quality product is supported by our quality prices, so regardless of your budget give us a call and we will have the perfect roofing sheet for you. Any enquiries regarding specifications on our product please give our team a call on 01547 530419 or contact us via our website, contact us page and fill in an enquiry form.

Our corrugated roofing sheets have the following specifications:

Corrugated Profile: 13.5/3 Specification

Table 1: Permissible Downward (imposed) Loads kN/m2 - Deflection Limit Span/150

Table 2: Permissible Downward (imposed) Loads kN/m2 - Deflection Limit Span/200

As you can see from the corrugated roofing sheets we offer we really do have any needs covered, and with us providing amazing value for money with our high quality materials at great prices.

All our steel sheeting is compliant with the CE marking, to read more about what CE marking is Click Here