Box Profile Roofing Sheets

We supply the highest quality box profile roofing sheets to suit your design. These specialized roofing sheets are available in a range of different colours and specific finishes such as plain Galvanized Steel, Polyester or Plastisol. Box Profile roofing has many benefits, it is a modern alternative to the more traditional Corrugated sheeting, light weight, easy to install and financially cost effective. It is perfect for many structures and building such as outhouses, workshops, warehouses and agricultural buildings. We build to your design so our customer get the exact length and measurement they desire. All Roofing sheets are finely crafted by our highly trained staff who consist of many years of experience in the steel industry, ensuring their capability to deliver the product our customers expect.

Our customers have come to expect the highest quality products from us for box profile roofing sheets and know that because we manufacture them ourselves and monitor the quality closely they will always receive the best finish. All our 32/1000 box profile roofing sheets are available in two different gauges, either 0.5mm thickness and 0.7mm thickness is available. The sheets consist of six 32mm deep profiles alongside five 130mm channels for the water run, the sheet overall has a 1 metre cover width with sufficient overlap.

Box Profile: 32/1000 Specification

Table 1: Permissible Downward (imposed) Loads kN/m2 - Deflection Limit Span/150

Table 2: Permissible Downward (imposed) Loads kN/m2 - Deflection Limit Span/200

All our steel sheeting is compliant with the CE marking, to read more about what CE marking is Click Here